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Teens who `sext’ racy photos charged with porn I did say a lot was happening recently, didn’t I? This is one last new trend I think interesting to investigate. Without too much of my opinion, sexting is a new trend … Continue reading

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The Law and User Content

YouTube Copyright System Gone Mad, EFF Prepares to Sue EFF Legal Victories Free Culture, Lawrence Lessig YouTube, AP, Hurting Fair Use YouTube’s automated copyright violation identification system, ContentID, has gathered increased attention recently. As Lessig writes in his book, Free … Continue reading

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Internets: Division through location, langauge

Japanese Social Media Prism AP IMPACT: Fake 911 calls difficult to prevent Network Neutrality advocates promote the web as the largest source of free information and argue it must remain that way. Promoting network neutrality in 2007, now … Continue reading

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Not So Much Read Together: DRM and Amazon

Apple cuts copy protection and prices on iTunes Amazon takes on Apple with copy-protection-free music The Rise And Fall Of The Music Industry The Futre of Reading Amazon found, by many accounts, good success in a competitor to Apple with … Continue reading

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Read and Watch Together

Digital Planet (BBC) 5 Jan. 2009 Bill Burger – Copyright in a New Light (IT Conversations) OpenSophie Digital Planet reported on new technologies to allow users to watch videos at the same time and comment in real time via chat. … Continue reading

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Other News

Legal Papers Served via Facebook Music Industry to Abandon Mass Suits Penny web auctions under scrutiny (Are they gambling?) The Secrets of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World (Online use trends. What do users want?) In addition to normal blog … Continue reading

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Pay to Perform?

Google Wants Its Own Fast Track on the Web Should entities be able to buy better throughput and increased speeds for their servers? This is essentially the question behind the Net Neutrality idea. Supporters argue that the web should be … Continue reading

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