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Wikipedia coverage by langauge

Update (November 2014): I’ve recently published a related paper examining how many users edit multiple language editions of Wikipedia and how these multilingual users connect the editions together. Please see Multilinguals and Wikipedia Editing for further information and a free, … Continue reading

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Visualizing English, Spanish, Japanese in the blogosphere

Update (Feb. 2012): The paper is now published and freely available from the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication: Update (Dec. 2011): The full paper from which this dataset comes will be published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication in January … Continue reading

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Translating Twitter

I had the great opportunity to meet George Weyman, a project director at meedan, yesterday at an OII event. meedan has been doing great work in connecting English and Arabic speakers online through translation of news for many years. My … Continue reading

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Content Providers and Neutrality

I don’t seem to be writing too timely, but I hope these posts nevertheless remain interesting. Last week the course I TA for was discussing the idea of network neutrality. Broadly defined this is a debate over whether ISPs can … Continue reading

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Multilingual sharing in video

I’ve thought a lot about translation and multilingual sharing online in text environments (blogs, Wikipedia, social networking sites), but I’m reminded how quickly platforms change on the web, and text-only exchanges seem outdated considering YouTube has been around for 5 … Continue reading

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Purposesfully Restricted and Network Visualizations

A few interesting links to share: Religious Search Engines Yield Tailored Results Visual Complexity – great transportation network visualizations The Intelligence Of Crowds In ‘The Perfect Swarm’ International Networks Archive at Pinceton

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Japan/China crosslinks on- and off-line

Just over a month ago, I wrote about the difficulty international platforms such as Google maps have in naming disputed geographic features. Recent incident in the East China Sea involving a Chinese fishing boat and Japanese Coast Guard vessels around … Continue reading

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How geographically or linguistically diverse is your online social network?

Three recent news stories highlight the international nature of many social media platforms: Pingdom Documents Top Countries On Facebook How Black People Use TwitterThe latest research on race and microblogging. Indonesia, Brazil and Venezuela Lead Global Surge in Twitter Usage … Continue reading

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Naming Places/Features on Google Maps

Google Maps must engage in a cross-cultural (and often cross-lingual) act to publish its maps. Each place or feature name can be given in multiple languages, and occasionally as NPR’s On the Media discusses, cultures don’t agree on the name … Continue reading

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Homophily and the Internet

I recently had the opportunity to meet Ethan Zuckerman while he was on a visit to Oxford for TED where he gave a talk on Listening to global voices. Ethan has been doing amazing work on trying to promote more … Continue reading

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