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Twitter trials 280 characters, but its success in Japan is more than a character difference

Twitter has rolled out a limited trial of 280 characters for some of its users. In announcing the trial, Twitter specifically noted that most Japanese tweets had 15 characters while most English tweets had 34 characters. They also noted that … Continue reading

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Multilingualism research featured in The Guardian

A recent article in the Guardian newspaper by Holly Yong surveys much research about online language divides, including my work on multilingualism and cross-language bridging: Translation technologies offer one solution to bridging online language divides, while also opening up new … Continue reading

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Design for multilinguals: Seemingly simple yet often missed

As I prepare my slides for CHI 2014, I’m struck by one implication I give for the research I will present on language and Twitter, “Allow each user to have a set of multiple preferred languages;” or, more simply: consider … Continue reading

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Language Bubbles

´╗┐Eli Pariser has raised awareness that personalization algorithms play in filtering and ranking results on the web. I think this work is very important, but another strand seemingly obvious, but surprisingly lacking study, is the role that language plays. A … Continue reading

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Recent contacts working on cross-language problems

I’ve recently been able to meet some spectacular individuals who are working on various aspects of cross-language communication. This blog post won’t to justice to all of their work; so, please click to their websites and learn more. Irene Eleta … Continue reading

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Two new publications, new research project, looking to hire

A lot has happened since my last post, and the selected publications page has been updated to reflect this. I am very pleased to announce that my work looking at cross-language linking in the blogosphere following the 2010 Haitian earthquake, … Continue reading

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Wikipedia coverage by langauge

Update (November 2014): I’ve recently published a related paper examining how many users edit multiple language editions of Wikipedia and how these multilingual users connect the editions together. Please see Multilinguals and Wikipedia Editing for further information and a free, … Continue reading

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Visualizing English, Spanish, Japanese in the blogosphere

Update (Feb. 2012): The paper is now published and freely available from the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication: Update (Dec. 2011): The full paper from which this dataset comes will be published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication in January … Continue reading

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Translating Twitter

I had the great opportunity to meet George Weyman, a project director at meedan, yesterday at an OII event. meedan has been doing great work in connecting English and Arabic speakers online through translation of news for many years. My … Continue reading

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Multilingual sharing in video

I’ve thought a lot about translation and multilingual sharing online in text environments (blogs, Wikipedia, social networking sites), but I’m reminded how quickly platforms change on the web, and text-only exchanges seem outdated considering YouTube has been around for 5 … Continue reading

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