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Teens who `sext’ racy photos charged with porn I did say a lot was happening recently, didn’t I? This is one last new trend I think interesting to investigate. Without too much of my opinion, sexting is a new trend … Continue reading

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Location (Again)

Did Google Just Kill All the Other Mobile Social Networks? Google Latitude: Ready to Tell Your Friends (and Google) Where You Are? Google Maps Goes Social Tracking Friends the Google Way Privacy fears over Google tracker I still do plan … Continue reading

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Facebook and Issues of Trust

There‚Äôs something going down on Facebook. Pay attention. Facebook nudity policy draws nursing moms’ ire Trouble in Twitterland Gaza crisis spills onto the web I’m behind on news, sorry. Here is a reflection on a few older stories. I have … Continue reading

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Niche Net

The BBC reported today on efforts to better search results by considering the demographics of the searcher. For example, if the searcher is of a certain ethnicity and searches for a keyword word, the results that other searchers of the … Continue reading

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Mobile Web

Poorer Nations Go Online on Cellphones MySpace Sets Video for Mobile I’m residing in Okinawa, Japan, currently working as an English teacher for the Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education. The use of cellphones here is absolutely phenominal. They are everywhere … Continue reading

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Sharing More and Sharing From New Mediums

TV+Social Networks: Tracking Minutiae: The New Examined Life, Online Statististics BBC Click! episode that aired around 8-Dec-2008. You may now chat with other movie viewers while watching via your BuleRay Internet ready player. In addition, new sites are popping up … Continue reading

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