Sharing More and Sharing From New Mediums

  1. TV+Social Networks:
  2. Tracking Minutiae: The New Examined Life, Online Statististics
  3. BBC Click! episode that aired around 8-Dec-2008.

You may now chat with other movie viewers while watching via your BuleRay Internet ready player. In addition, new sites are popping up to help you track everything from food intake to your sex life. You can also create new levels are share them online now using your Sony PlayStation (BBC Click!). Be warned, however, this information may be used by private investigators and the federal government the article warns. The article reports:

In the application for jobs with Mr. Obama’s administration, applicants are asked to list all of the social networks that they are involved in and to supply any potentially problematic blog posts from their online past. “All this stuff is creating a huge digital paper trail that could come back and haunt you,” says Mr. Soghoian.

Maybe I shouldn’t open this blog? I might offend some future employer who chances to read it.

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