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I’m residing in Okinawa, Japan, currently working as an English teacher for the Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education. The use of cellphones here is absolutely phenominal. They are everywhere and are the primary means many students use to access the Internet. Some high school students have a difficult time operating a mouse, because personal computers simply are not in large spread use here.

I noticed the same trend in Latin America where I lived previously. In the case of Latin America, the wired infastructure was never fully deloped. In addition, I saw many adults using new technologies because the pricing structure encouraged it. In Mexico, for example, adults frequetly text message each other on mobile phones. Indeed, many landline phones have the ability to recieve text messages as well. This seems to be because the cost of texts is so much cheeper than placing voice calls.

New sites are being optimized for mobile devices, and MySpace also announced that mobile browsers of its site will now be able to acess videos (2). Opera is realeasing a new browser for the mobile platform (it did produce a version for the iPhone, but Apple refused to distribute it in its AppStore). The new browser, however, raises privacy concerns in my mind as a central server is used to compress all web traffic. This could potentially enable a greater user-tracking.

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