Resuming (or at least attempting)

After a break from blogging while I completed an intense MSc at the Oxford Internet Institute I am going to attempt to revive this blog.

Although I haven’t written in sometime, I have added numerous news stories and other blogs that have caught my eye in the right side bar. Over the next few weeks, I hope to blog about my research work this past year and where I am looking to go.

I am very happy to be able to put my passions in language and computers together in a social science prospective to look at how speakers of different languages communicate online. I’ve recently submitted my master’s thesis, which looked at cross-lingual links between Japanese, Spanish, and English bloggers writing about the Haitian earthquake. I was particularly interested in how often bloggers link to material in foreign languages and what type of blogger (e.g. professionally affiliated vs. personal blogger) is most likely to create these links. I’ll have many more details to share, but the much abridged version is that in my dataset about the Haitian earthquake, cross-lingual hyperlinks are mostly created by individual Japanese- or Spanish-writing bloggers and point to primarily English-language media blogs. There are many more layers to explore, and I hope to share this complexity and the paper itself in a future post.

I am going to continue this research as a doctoral student at the Oxford Internet Institute this fall. I plan to look at additional languages and platforms and try to tease out real-world consequences of these interactions. In an attempt to increase my own cross-lingual presence,  I’ve decided to mirror this blog at mojofiti, which seems a really cool community of community, human, and machine translation. Ever post will automatically be translated into 28 languages on mojofiti.

Thank you for reading! The original version of this post is at:

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