Cross-language Wikipedia Editing of Okinawa, Japan


This article analyzes users who edit Wikipedia articles about Okinawa, Japan, in English and Japanese. It finds these users are among the most active and dedicated users in their primary languages, where they make many large, high-quality edits. However, when these users edit in their non-primary languages, they tend to make edits of a different type that are overall smaller in size and more often restricted to the narrow set of articles that exist in both languages. Design changes to motivate wider contributions from users in their non-primary languages and to encourage multilingual users to transfer more information across language divides are presented.

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The official version (paywall) of the article is in the ACM Digital Library, and an identical open-access copy is freely available here or through this open-access link.


Hale, S. A. (2015). Cross-language Wikipedia Editing of Okinawa, Japan. In Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI ’15, ACM.

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Data and code

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