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Internet and Language

Internet and Collective Action / Government

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Image Processing and visualization

Research Projects


  • Multilingualism and user-generated content. Social Data London. 2015.
  • Multilingual analyses. Government Social Research Working Group for Social Media Research. UK Government. 2015.
  • Network Analysis. Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School. 2015.
  • Opportunities and challenges of social media data for social research. Summer Doctoral Programme, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford. 2015.
  • Helpfulness of foreign-language reviews. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). 2015.
  • How helpful are foreign-language reviews? Centre for Experimental Social Science (CESS), Nuffield College, University of Oxford. 2015.
  • Global connectivity, information diffusion, and the role of multilingual users in user-generated content platforms. St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford. 2015.
  • Multilingualism and cross-language information diffusion online. Department of Statistics, University of Leeds. 2015.
  • Design and multilingual users on Twitter and Wikipedia. MIT Media Center. 2014.
  • Cross-language information brokerage on Twitter and Wikipedia. Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science & Applications (iCeNSA), University of Notre Dame. 2014.
  • Ancient history of the UK Web. Working with Internet Archives for Research (WIRE 2014), Harvard University. 2014.
  • Cross-language information sharing on Twitter and Wikipedia. UK Big Data Mission to Japan. Sponsored by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office. 2014.
  • Cross-language activity in Okinawa on Wikipedia. Pacific Neighborhood Consortium Annual Conference, PNC 2013. Kyoto, Japan. 2013.
  • Petition growth and success rates online. Advisory Board for the Oxford Internet Institute. 2013.
  • Global Connectivity and Multilinguals in the Twitter Network. CABDyN Network Journal Club, Mathematics Institute, University of Oxford. 2013.
  • Interactive Visualizations for teaching, research, and dissemination. University of East London. 2013.
  • Government on the Web: Using crawlers and web archives to map government presence. Internet, Politics, and Policy Conference, University of Oxford. 2012.
  • Demo: Interactive visualizations. Internet, Politics, and Policy Conference, University of Oxford. 2012.
  • Interactive visualizations for teaching, research, and dissemination. Beyond Books, Oxford University Computing Service, University of Oxford. 2012.
  • Language as an information filter. The Knowledge Commons: Research and Innovation in an Unequal World, St Antony’s International Review, University of Oxford. 2012.
  • Mining the web for user behaviour insights. Information Systems Seminar, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford. 2012.
  • Data visualization. Knowledge Exchange Seminar, Oxford Internet Institute. 2012.
  • Big data and visualization. Poster, Web Science Track, World Wide Web Conference (WWW2012), Lyon, France. 2012.
  • Impact of platform design on cross-language information exchange. University of Wolverhampton. 2012.
  • Marketing campaigns for multiple language communities online. Huddle Mindshare, London. 2011.
  • Language and the Internet: Developing a language-intelligent approach. Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Berlin, Germany. 2011.
  • Ideological divides online. A decade in Internet time. Oxford. 2011.
  • Net Increase? Cross-lingual linking in the blogosphere. Workshop: Making Maps: Generating and analyzing spatial data sets. James Martin School, University of Oxford. 2011.
  • Net Increase? Cross-lingual linking in the blogosphere. Nuffield–OII Social Networks Seminar, University of Oxford. 2011.
  • Cross-lingual knowledge sharing online: Blogging the 2010 Haitian earthquake. Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies, University of Oxford. 2010.

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